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Why is the name of this site "Eternal Glorious Light"? This website wants to refer to the "eternal glorious light". In the first place it is God Himself. But in the second place this term is also true for the place where God resides, the heaven. And further: Everywhere on earth where God reveals something of his glory, we see (though often weak) a reflection of that eternal glorious light.

Sunrise, as a silent reference to the eternal glorious light.

This may be for example in the beauty of nature. But also when God does miracles. Those miracles can sometimes be spectacular, for example when God heals a cripple suddenly. But it is also already a miracle when a man is reconciled with God through faith in the Lord Jesus and receives a supernatural peace and joy in his or her heart. It is the intention of this website to point such things out to people, so that they will recognize, serve, honor and glorify God.

But since so many people cannot believe (anymore) in God, or no longer in the truth of His Word in the Bible, this website wants to show also, that God really exists and that the Bible is a reliable guide to know Him better and to receive by faith the eternal life. If this may be our part we shall, in God's eternal glorious light, really see how unspeakably powerful, loving and glorious this God is. Then we shall prefer nothing more than to serve and glorify Him still more and more. And nothing will hinder us anymore. Disease and misery will be over then eternally!

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