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Welcome to this search tool for the English part of the website! (The Dutch part has his own search tool).

This search tool works like a search engine. You type a word or a few words and then you get an overview of all pages of the website where that word or these words occur. Almost always you can see also on those pages what words precede the search term and what words come after it, for a better orientation. For clarity at most 5 locations are listed per page.

Subsequently you go to a found page by clicking on its link. On the page itself you can go then with the search tool of your browser to the exact positions of the keyword or the keywords.

Consider that this search tool works very precisely. If you make a typing error, what you were looking for, will not be found. Therefore make your keywords is not too long. It is already enough if you give a part of the word or words. For example if you type "prophec", all pages will be found that contain the word "prophecy" or "prophecies".

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